What is a Bioblitz?

We have had over 100 replies already on our quiz regarding participation in and knowledge of Bioblitz’s! It turns out that not a lot of people have heard about Bioblitz’s before going to our website (48% of people surveyed at the time of this post).

In short, a Bioblitz is a coordinated effort to try and survey all of the species that can be found in a particular area, over a predefined period of time (usually 24 hours). We hope that you can make use of the links and the video on the front page to find out more details about Bioblitz’s and to answer any questions you may have. Also feel free to contact us if you want to find out more before getting involved, we are happy to talk about Bioblitz’s.

The quiz is still live, feel free to add your story. Then check out our new quiz that asks just how many species you think we will find!?

Also, remember to sign-up to participate or volunteer in the great events that will be happening over the 24 hour period from July 24th-25th.


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