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Center for Conservation and Biodiversity

The Center for Conservation and Biodiversity promotes research and training in the conservation of biodiversity.  The Center also promotes public support for conservation through its public outreach programs. It coordinates workshops in conservation biology designed to acquaint non-scientists with the diversity of life and the extent to which human well-being depends on that diversity.

Joshua’s Trust

Joshua’s Tract Conservation and Historic Trust is the largest land trust in Northeastern Connecticut, protecting more than 4,000 acres that will not be developed in perpetuity.


We are delighted to collaborate with Dr. Kendra Maas and Dr. Joerg Graf at the Microbial Analysis, Resources and Services (MARS) facility on a comparison of microbial genetic diversity across the HEEP wetlands. The MARS facility supports the research community of the University of Connecticut specializing in the analysis of microbial samples and high-throughput processing of nucleic acids. Examples include the characterization of microbiomes, sequencing of small genomes, 96-well and 384-well PCR setup or DNA quantification and other automated liquid handling applications.

Center for Environmental Sciences & Engineering (CESE)

CESE is a multidisciplinary team of scientists working together, bridging basic and applied sciences, to strengthen the scientific understanding of natural systems, monitor the environment, and inform stewardship and policy. CESE has kindly offered the use of two of their vans to escort volunteers and participants between locations for workshops, nature walks and collections.


We are very grateful to have Illumina, a manufacturer of cutting-edge tools for genetic and genomic analysis, for sponsoring the microbiological survey of the HEEP wetlands as part of our Science Exposé. This is a unique component to our BioBlitz and will contribute significant new information about microorganismal diversity in different types of wetland habitats.

Office of Environmental Policy

We are thankful to UConn’s Office of Environmental Policy for helping support our Science Exposé. The OEP brings faculty, staff, students, and community members together for a more environmentally sustainable campus.

Willimantic Food Co-operative

Willimantic Food Co-Operative has generously agreed to provide refreshments for volunteers during the event. The Co-op is a member owned and operated food store that serves the Willimantic community, offering a wide range of items from produce to paper goods.

Randy’s Wooster St. Pizza Shop

Thanks to a generous donation by Randy’s Wooster St. Pizza Shop, volunteers at the event will be provided a free pizza lunch.

UConn Dining Services

Beverages for volunteers during the event are being donated by our awarding winning UConn Dining  Services. We will be forever indebted to them for providing the coffee required to fuel our volunteers.

Connecticut State Museum of Natural History

The Connecticut State Museum of Natural History provides new types of learning experiences to people of all ages in ways that make the learning experience relevant and applicable in their daily lives. They are a strong proponent of BioBlitzes and have been involved in a few of their own. They have been a great resource for this BioBlitz and have graciously donated collection supplies and field guide.

Baja Cafe

We are happy to announce that Baja Cafe will be providing volunteers with chips and salsa, satisfying our snacking needs! Baja Cafe has shared their great Mexican foods with Connecticut for over 9 years.

Willimantic River Alliance

The Willimantic River Alliance, an organization dedicated to celebrating all the the Willamantic River has to offer,  has graciously donated funds towards the the BioBlitz.

St Mark’s Episcopal Chapel

St Mark’s Episcopal Chapel has donated use of their parking lot and logistical equipment needed to make this BioBlitz happen.

Departments Involved in the Bioblitz

Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (EEB)

Natural Resources and the Environment (NRE)

Natural Resources Conservation Academy (NRCA)


More about Bioblitz’s

The Center for Conservation and Biodiversity and the Connecticut State Museum of Natural History have teamed up to create a great description of what is a Bioblitz.


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