Science Exposé

A new addition to the typical BioBlitz is the Science Exposé. We used the great resources available at the Hillside Environmental Education Park (HEEP) to do a hypothesis-driven research project suitable for children ages 10 and up.
We investigated whether the various HEEP wetlands have different species. We think this might be the case because some of the wetlands are natural and others are partially or entirely created. This event was a hands-on real-time scientific study with public participation.

What is a Science Exposé?

On the morning of Saturday, July 25th, we started with an introduction (9-10am) to the event and to the scientific research that we will be performing with your help. Armed with the information the children needed to create their own ideas (predictions) about what might be happening in the HEEP wetlands, children were lead by a volunteer into HEEP to collect the data needed.